Passive and Active Voice


“Why is this in passive voice? Use active voice,” the same comments we hear over and over again from our instructors. So now the question becomes, just what the hell is active voice versus passive voice?

Okay, so before we go on, I have to admit that I am borrowing heavily from purdue owl right now. It is a great resource for all you writers out there, so be sure to check it out at some point or another. Now, without further ado….

Active Voice:

Active voice is when the subject of the sentence does the action that the verb indicates. Some examples are:

Cynthia watches TV.

We formed several committees to judge the new laws that the mayor wanted to pass.

Listening to hip hop music on the radio always makes me want to dance.

Passive Voice:

Passive voice is when the subject of the sentence is changed from the one doing the action, to the one that is being acted upon. The subject is no longer the agent of the action. Note that this tone of voice is often used in scientific papers. Examples include:

The TV is watched by Cynthia.

Several committees were formed by us in order to judge the new laws wanting to be passed by the mayor.

Hip hop music is listened to on the radio by me.

Hope this helps all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen out there! And thanks to Jessica for the suggestion.


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  1. potenzmittel Says:

    I mistyped this website and luckily I found it again. presently am at my university I added this to favorites so that I can re-read it later regards

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