Why Deal With It?


It’s 4 in the morning your first semester of college, and you are slaving away over some 5 page paper assigned for your English class. You stare at the screen with true hatred seeping from your eyes. You are at 3 ½ pages, and you still have 1 ½ to go, plus a final edit. This is going to take you all night. You pull yourself out of your chair, fill your cup of coffee, and wonder why they have inflicted this type of torture on you? Is it just freshman hazing? Are they trying to weed out the weak from the strong? In what lifetime will you ever have to write a 5 page paper again?

Fast forward 3 years.  You are now a senior. It is your final semester. It is 4 in the morning, and you are going to be up all night finishing this 10 page paper for your senior seminar class. As you pull yourself out of your chair, stumble towards the coffee pot, and refill your cup of coffee, you wonder why? Is the professor bitter that you are escaping? Is this some final hurdle you have to pass, some last minute form of torture you have to endure just to make it through with the chance to walk? When in your life will you ever have to write a 10 page paper again outside of the college classroom?!

Well, believe it or not, writing is actually a useful tool that will come back to haunt you throughout your life! What if, three years into a job, you have to write an entire research proposal for your boss? You can bet that all of that late night training with a college paper will come in handy then!

That training will come in handy even sooner than that, actually! When you write your first office memo, or deal in daily correspondence for your boss, you will be drawing on that training. Furthermore, when you are writing your first cover letter to apply for a job, you need to be able to form a clear, cohesive sentence.

Writing, then, is not just a pointless, tedious task. It is actually a valuable skill that we will use time and time again throughout our lives. Socially, and in the work place, we are expected to be able to express our thoughts clearly and concisely, through a written medium. And, if all this doesn’t motivate you, then consider it training and inspiration for our next blog post!


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