Study Tips


Welcome back everyone! I know that it can be tough to get back into the swing of things after such a long break. Add that to an entirely new class schedule, and you have an instant dose of overwhelmed student! On the other hand, CONGRATS, because you all survived one semester.

Today we are going to do this post a little differently. So, yes, we usually do posts on writing tips, but this post is going to focus on 5 study tips to help you start the semester out right!

  1. Make a list: As soon as you get your syllabus for each class, make a list of dates and important assignments. Better yet, write them down on a calendar. Make sure you know the important dates, and what is expected of you. This always makes things easier during crunch time!
  2. Get started: Now that you are looking at all the dates, you may start getting nervous when you see that cluster of work right around midterms and finals. I know I always do! So take control. Start reading ahead! Take a few minutes each time to read further, or work longer than you need to. Trust me; it will help when it comes to midterms!
  3. Stay on top of everything: Keep those lists going. You know that once you have it out in front of you, you can start crossing things off. Though it may be tough, keep up with all of your reading and homework. Once you start letting it slip, it is hard to get back under control!
  4. Write a rough draft: Okay, so this is geared towards all of you with papers. Take the time to write a rough draft for your work. Though those last minute, 2 AM papers are tempting, and sometimes all you have time for…they never turn out well. You inevitably find typos, incoherent sentences, the works. No one makes sense at 2 in the morning.
  5. Relax: Even though all of the other tips focus on those responsible parts of being a student, I know that personal time is just as important as study time, but a lot harder to find. So make sure that your study time is structured and productive, and that you schedule in an enjoyable thing to do during the day. Being locked in an underground library with no sun or fresh air is not good for anyone.

With that, I will leave you all to the start of your semester. Remember, one week down! Don’t forget to check out the writing center schedule when you visit our facebook page.


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